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21-Day Aged, Full Flavoured & Beautifully Marbled

Good things come to those who wait. Our Red Devons are a slow growing breed, taking almost twice as long to reach full weight compared to commercial breeds.


Once mature, our cattle are processed close to the farm, by a family run butchers.  The meat is aged for 21 days to further improve flavour and tenderness. 


Our Beef Packs

Locally Raised, Grass-Fed, Native Breed Beef

The slow growing, grass fed nature of our beef produces a finer textured meat with beautiful marbling providing depth and complexity of flavour.  Once ready, our beef is hung for 21 days by our local butchers to further improve flavour and tenderness.

We sell our meat through our beef pack scheme, approximately 5-6 times per year. Each pack contains a variety of cuts, including premium steaks, roasting joints, stewing steak and minced beef.

We offer 3 sizes of beef packs; small (4-6kg), medium (6-8kg) and large (8-10kg).  The size range of each pack allows for the natural variance in weight of each individual animal.  The beef packs are weighed individually and you only pay for the exact weight of the beef that you receive. 

Example contents of recent packs are below - please note these vary depending on the season, animal build and weight:

Small Pack - approx 4-6kg

2x Minced Beef (500g)

2x Stewing Steak (500g)

1x Silverside or Slow Roast (1.2-1.8kg)

1x Rump steaks (2) (400g)

Medium Pack - approx 6-8kg

3x Minced Beef (500g)

3x Stewing Steak (500g)

1x Silverside or Slow Roast (1.2-1.8kg)

1x Topside or Brisket Roast (1.2-1.8kg)

1x Rump steaks (2) (400g)

1x Sirloin Steaks (2) (400g)

Large Pack - approx 8-10kg

4x Minced Beef (500g)

4x Stewing Steak (500g)

1x Silverside or Slow Roast (1.2-1.8kg)

2x Topside & Brisket Roast (1.2-1.8kg)

1x Rump steaks (2) (400g)

1x Sirloin Steaks (2) (400g)

1x Fillet or Ribeye Steaks (2) (400g)

1x Shin or Short Rib or Cheek (500g)


"The real wow factor becomes apparent in the eating.  I believe it is down to the fine grained texture of slow grown Red Ruby Devon beef which produces smaller protein molecules, helping it to cook much better, maintaining succulence and flavour” 


Alyn Williams, of Alyn Williams at The Westbury, London.  Michelin starred chef and National Chef of the Year 2012.

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