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Grass fed, native breed beef from the Test Valley

Situated in the beautiful chalk stream and downland landscape of the Test Valley, Hampshire, Test Valley Devons is run by Max and Gaynor Childs, working together with Mike Thompson of the Inchgarth herd of pedigree Red-Ruby Devon's.


Together we have a shared passion for these fantastic cattle – and good food.


Red Devon Cattle in the Test Valley

Locally Raised, Native Breed Cattle

Our native British breed Red Devon cattle are quiet, placid grazers, renowned for their docile nature and ability to thrive in their native landscape. 


Our Devons spend summer on the water-meadows of the River Test in Hampshire, where they play an essential role in conservation management, controlling invasive plant species and assisting with seed transmission.


Winter is also spent outdoors in our upland fields, offering good grazing, firm ground under hoof, plus the option to retreat to the barn to shelter from the elements whenever they choose.


100% Grass Fed Beef

Our Red Devon cattle are a slow growing breed, with the perfect metabolism for converting grass into premium quality beef. Time spent roaming pasture is not only good for the animal, but produces a finer textured meat with depth and complexity of flavour.


Our animals are 100% grass fed, with our meadows providing fresh grass from May to November and hay (dried grass) providing sustenance through the winter months.  Grass fed beef has been found to have health benefits, having 50% more heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, as well as being higher in antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E.

With the well-being of our animals, pasture health and the environment being our priorities, we follow the same farming standards as an organic farm, though are too small for organic certification to be financially viable. 

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